Workshops + Courses 

Jennifer has always loved troubleshooting and problem solving.  Creating paths towards solutions has always been a welcome challenge for her.  As a result of that passion and skill, she has developed a series of life-changing workshops that have been supporting individuals and businesses for over a decade. 

Whether she is working with a corporate group of executives managing industry change or working with a specialized team in a rapidly growing company, the themes she brings through an individually created session or pre-designed workshop, hits home and has a profound impact on each organization.



Leadership Life:

Level 1, 2, 3

jenny b workshop

Leadership is an extension of life, a way of being.  We are all leaders in one way or another, weather we are leading a team of 20 or 30 people or if we are leading our own lives.  From personal leadership to corporate leadership, this series of workshops teaches the fundamentals of leadership as it applies both in life and in business.

Each course is offered in 4 hour sessions.

A one hour keynote is also available.



Train the Trainer

Level 1, 2

Many jobs require the skill of speaking in front of people.  There are many circumstances in our careers where we are tasked with leading a meeting, pitching a client, educating other staff or clients or presenting our findings.  It is true that many people are more afraid of speaking publicly than they are of death!

This workshop series is designed to give participants tangible, practical tools and experience to look and feel confident when they are asked to speak in front of anyone.




Luxury Service

Level 1, 2

Customer service is not a one-size-fits-all thing.  Dr. Mia Angelou said it best: “People will forget what you say, they will forget what you do, but they will never forget how you make them feel.”   Luxury service is all about taking everything to the next level.  This workshop introduces luxury language, the importance of our energy, body language, tone of voice and so much more.


Change & Management

Being a leader is not easy.  Leading people through a season of change is a different ballgame entirely.  Sometimes things change because the economy is shrinking and sometimes things change because the economy is growing.  Leading and managing people in all seasons takes specific skills and tools. 

This workshop can be customized to specific needs that any organization is facing.


Custom Workshops and Teambuilding

Jenny loves working with individuals and organizations to create a custom facilitated experience based on your specific needs.

After a detailed conversation she will review your needs and objectives and then build a custom outline for you and your team.  Once everyone is on the same page, we will build a program specifically for you with your individual requirements in mind.



Jennifer has worked with me and my staff over many years in a variety of ways. Most recently as the espy team coach. She comes in monthly and leads my team through all the personal vision and values work that I wish I had always known about and makes them better people and employees with this work.

She also is an amazing public speaker, and hosts events for us often in our business. Just give her a microphone and she will inspire, lead, coach, and make you laugh. I highly recommend Jennifer. 

Megan Szanik

Owner, Espy Experience

I have a lot of respect for Jen. I first worked with her on our partnership with In the Lead and straight off the bat Jen demonstrated a vibrant, energetic, engaging and competency rarely seen. Her passion and enthusiasm is infectious – balanced against story-telling that can bring grown men to tears. I have subsequently worked with Jen on speaking engagements where she has applied her extensive skill-sets to motivate and empower youth in strengths-based leadership and development. She is extremely competent, well organized, articulate and professional – I would work with her any day of the week and highly recommend her to anyone seeking her skills.

Mark Little

Executive Director | Not for Profit Operations | Strategy | Transformational Change | Business Performance , Scouts Canada